Partners: Families, seeking an ecological, low impact, funeral for a loved one. Funeral companies and insurers


In 2007 Terra analysed of the environmental impact of funerals in Barcelona, and identified a range of damaging outputs, such as incinerator gasses, the importation of flowers by air over long distances, coffins made from illegally cut lumber, and heavy metals in incinerator ashes. Between 2007-2013 Terra developed and registered a series of quality standards (‘SFE 07:024’) that defined a low-impact funeral, an ‘Ecofuneral’. A leading insurance company, DKV, and Spain’s largest funeral firm, Mémora, developed an insurance product that would provide for an Ecofuneral after the death of the holder. Terra developed a website,, designed to help people plan their own Ecofuneral. The site includes articles, reflections, reviews and ideas.


  1. Ecofuneral attracts more than 190,000 unique visitors each year
  2. Our visitors are young – the largest cohort is in the 25-34 age group
  3. Our leading articles are read by many thousands of people from Spain but also from Mexico, Colombia and the Hispanic populations of the USA

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