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Terra is focused on creating impact in the climate emergency. Here are some examples of our impact. There is more detail in our Spanish-language page ‘Impacto’.

Earthwatch volunteers Andorra

Wildlife in the Changing Andorran Pyrenees

Project partners: Earthwatch, CREAF
Research on the impact of climate and humans on the high slopes of the Andorran Pyrenees.

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Fenocentres Citizen science

Citizen Science

Project partners: CREAF, Fundació Caixa d’Enginyers
Supporting the development of citizen science in Spain, with our friends at CREAF.

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Mercat Carmel

Ona Solar (‘Solar Wave’), Carmel Market, Barcelona

Project Partners: Citizen participants, and the Carmel Market Vendors Association
Opened in 2007, this is the first community participation solar power plant in Spain, at the Mercat del Carmel, Barcelona. In 2009 we opened a second community participation solar power plant, at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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Partners: Families, seeking an ecological, low impact, funeral for a loved one. Funeral companies and insurers
Articles, advice and information on how to plan a low-impact funeral, an ‘Ecofuneral’.

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Terra fundación


Partners: Terra, and our 350,000+ readers
This website, https://www.terra.org/, is one of our key projects. Our vast library – more than 830 articles covering ecology, environment and climate change since December 1999 – is a source of objective and reliable information, inspiration, commentary and advice for Spanish speakers around the globe.

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Cocina solar

A long history of Impact

Terra has been creating an impact since 1994, with campaigns, educational programmes information and events. Our web in Spanish explains many of these projects including the “Guerrilla Solar” (Terra manufactured solar panels and inverters that could be plugged directly into home sockets, as a protest against the Spanish Government’s effective prohibition of home-generated solar power), and our “Solar Cook” programme (we promoted and sold solar ovens to hundreds of people across Spain). There is more about these programmes in our terra.org website.

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