Ona Solar (‘Solar Wave’), Carmel Market, Barcelona

Project Partners: Citizen participants, and the Carmel Market Vendors Association

Mercat Carmel

In 2007 Terra built the first community participation solar power plant in Spain, on the roof of the Carmel Market in Barcelona. 143 people loaned €301,000 to Terra to build the 43.7kW plant. Over the years since then, Terra has used the income from the power generated to pay back the loans in their entirety, and to provide a return on investment for each participant. Today the solar power plant continues to generate clean power, saving more than 13,000kg of CO2 emissions each year.

In 2009 we opened a second community participation solar power plant, at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The success of this project led us to create a similar second solar power plant at the Autonomous University of Madrid.


  1. Annual saving of 23,041kg of CO2 in the two solar plants
  2. Since 2007 we’ve saved more than 186 metric tonnes of CO2. That’s the equivalent to the emissions of a car travelling to the moon and back, twice.
  3. Customers can see the power generated, and the daily CO2 saving on our information panel in the Carmel market.
  4. This strikingly successful project created a series of spin-off projects in other markets, led by other social impact organisations around Spain.

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