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This website, https://www.terra.org/, is one of our key projects. Our vast library – more than 830 articles covering ecology, environment and climate change since December 1999 – is a source of objective and reliable information, inspiration, commentary and advice for Spanish speakers around the globe.

Today our clear focus is on science and solutions for the climate emergency, with news, articles and book reviews in Spanish. With more than 350,000 unique visitors each year from Spain, Latin America and Hispanic communities in the USA, Terra is one of the leading providers of objective, unbiassed climate science news in Spanish.

News Powered by Terra® provides not only credible, objective, trustworthy reporting, but also a distinctive Hispanic view of the climate emergency (bear in mind that the Mediterranean basin is a climate change hotspot). Our science collaboration with CREAF, the leading ecology research centre in Spain, helps ensures scientific rigour in our reporting.

Contact us (info (@) terra.org) if you would like to talk about syndicating/licensing our Spanish-language content in your website; we can help you expand the breadth of your news, and to reach new audiences.


  1. 373,122 unique visitors in 2021
    a. >36% from Spain, 30% from Spanish-speaking Latin America, 13% (49,065 visitors) from Hispanic populations in the USA
    b. 550,059 page visualisations
  2. High quality, objective journalism on global science and solutions for the climate emergency, in Spanish

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